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Friday, 1 June 2012


stop pretending that you okay sufie!

stop believe that everyone in your life honest to you!

stop hope too much!

stop crying for someone you love but they dont!

stop loving deep inside you heart!

stop thinking about the thing that you dont deserve!

stop making people happy but you dont!

stop allow you life happy just for a second!

but please!

dont you ever stop smilling for every sad moment taht you get!

dont you ever stop to be brave!

dont you ever stop to be chill everyday!

dont ever you stop from being yourself....



  1. Assalamualaikum cupitato syg...
    la tahzan ..
    tabah dan sabar...
    perasaan sedih tue tarbiah dari Allah..
    so, bnykkan berdoa..prcya ketnangan hanya dpt dirasa hnya dgn mngingati Allah..^_^ (niza)

  2. yana : thanks kwn. will always try to be strong. :)

    nieza: insyaAllah ya ukhti.. mudah mudahan.. amin. dugaan hidup
    kan. ade hikmah semuanya. =)