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Sunday, 4 December 2011

until when ..

tears always be mine .. always accompany me wherever i am . how far i try my best to make a smile as my friend , they don't appear . just a fake ! i try my best to tough enough in every things that happen in my life they don't help me to find happiness , tears come again and again . tears , you make me feel sick , you make me feel down , you make me want to be alone , you make me stop to laughing , you make me like i'm the only one who hurt a lot , you make me hate myself .. until when you will be mine ? when the smile will be my friend ? until when i have to wait ? its a long time i have been waiting , i have forgive and accept what have come around . you don't know what the important thing in my life . its smile n happiness . now , i don't have it and i can't have it . i'm just be fake to happiness , fake to every smile and laugh that i give . i learn how to give .. although its hurt me a lot . i'm just flow what happen in my life .. in a single words that one day "a miracle" will come in my life and give a true happiness . everyday i spent my time with tears , it teach me to be more positive and professional . to take a way in my life with no regrets , with no past memory .. i won't die with tears . my heart really broken when i have to figure all the sadness alone . i have to accept what i can't . sometime my life feel bored . i lost and i'm really want it back . to give me a smile . but i can't have it . i'm not the person who deserve a happiness . i'm the only one who born to be broken . i'm always try my best to be the person who deserve a happiness in my life . i don't want more . i'm just want happiness and i don't want tears always be mine . i won't . smile ! happiness ! laugh ! ... i'm beg please appear and be mine forever ...